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tv   [untitled]    March 7, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PST

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threshold that they will not just survive but they will survive and i believe -- is evelyn here? if all of the staff would come up. i would be expecting the entire organization to come up. and i just want to also note with a little sadness that janelle white was going to be here today but she called our office this morning and she received annie conviction notice she's been a leader but this is an epidemic in our city and region as we move our nonprofit workers to eviction and we're just not meeting the cost of living here and i want to thank you for continuing to do this work and recognizing how important it is for men and women throughout the region thank you for being here thank you. >> [applause]. >> thank you supervisor kim.
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on behalf of of the community and staff i wanted to express appreciation to the commission and members of the board of supervisors. we have provided crisis services to survivors of the to survivors. we can envision a future without violence and i want to take this time to invite you to all attend the walk against rape that celebrates survival and
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invites the community to take a stand towards sexual violence. i hope to see you all once again. thank you for your support. [applause]. >> thank you very much next we're going to recognize supervisor campos from district 9. >> thank you very much. we had some pretty incredible women today and it's my it's my
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pleasure and honor to call stacie. there's so much to be said about the incredible stacie. stacie is the executive director of the theatre for woman in the arts brava a center piece and thriving character of the mission and we were basically on the brink of losing this institution and losing the theatre which occupies the entire block of 24th street and owned by the nonprofit community organization and the building with the foreclose ure and for those of us, we knew the loss of this theatre and the art groups that occupy it, would have a devastating
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impact on the cultural life of not only 24th street but the entire mission neighborhood and it's it's so unique in so many ways and importantly the organization was created to give voice to the unspoken realities of women's lives through the creation of new theatre work. well, it took a joint effort by by government and community to save brava theatre and we're grateful to dozens of individuals that played a role and i don't know if anyone would be in in disagreement that the theatre was essentially saved because of stacie. [applause] stacie became the executive director to save the theatre. she worked countless hours for months on end with no pay for
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that very purpose to save the theatre and organization. she rebuilt the bod and increased programming and the space and she was able to refinance the loan and she was successful in luring exciting productions like a fabulous musical that just ended at brava at brava theatre and in short stacie saved brava and all san francisco we're eternal ly indebted to you for your personal sacrifice that you have made to make that happen and you have truly is shown anything is possible and saving brava know if you know stacie that's only a fraction of everything she has accomplished in her distinguished career.
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stacie's career in the nonprofit arts world has taken her on tour throughout the the united states to countries like nicar canada and her work gave her a wide range of experiences in all aspects of this sector and she has been a stage manager tour manager booking agent and community liaison and stacie broadened her skills with a media advocacy organization and served as a producer and worked for for 4 years for frame line a film festival and expanded programs for for dance brigade and a financial consultant. women of
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color women of arts project and career cultural center and the list goes on and on and on. stacie, i can not thank you enough. i don't know if anyone has the words to fully express how grateful we are to you and we also know when it comes to brava theatre, the best is yet to come and as the supervisor for district 9, as the supervisor for the mission, it is my honor to recognize you today in women's history month you make district 9 and the entire mission neighborhood very proud. thank you. [applause]. >> supervisor campos i really appreciate you support over the last the last 3 years like you
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said when we got there in february 2012 we were 2 we were $2 million in debt and the building was in foreclosure and with not only my hard work but all of the staff people and all of the people in the newly designated latino cultural district have been really supportive of me and keeping brava alive and a community asset for everyone's use so i'm so blessed to have worked with all of these people and if brava staff could stand up and the latino cultural district people. stand up stand up. [applause]. you have worked to keep brava open and even though i'm i'm at the forefront of the work, there's hundreds of people and everyone here at the board of supervisors, your vote to support brava and to fund some some of the work
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take some of the -- give us some funding to keep the building open and hire staff had such a great impact in the neighborhood. there was 1 person working there when i arrived. we now support over 20 people a month at brava both through our staff and contractor we have over 30 thousand people that come to see shows and serve over 500 youth in the neighborhood. we give away 50 $50,000 of rental subsubsidies and have performance i am one woman of hundreds of women over the last 30 years brava you are brava turns 30 next year and will have owned the building for 20 years and the building will turn ninety ninety next year
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so 20, 30 and 90 and celebrating many anniversaries and there's so many women that have done amazing work to tell the stories of women so that women can can be healers and just make our community a better place for everyone to be in so thank you thank you so much david and everyone at the mayor's office who have supported me and thank you to the supervisors. [applause]. >> oh, and my husband and my daughter. [applause]. >> thank you and
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congratulations [applause] okay i'm going to recognize myself. denise, come forward. [applause] san francisco has a homeless street population of over 4 4000 people but only 15
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showers to serve them the need to access showers is critical and personal high personal hygiene is important not only for health. poor hygiene can rapidly isolate you from the community so denise's simple effective idea is to create a mobile shower unit that could drive to areas and could provide free and safe showers. it was 3 showers including an accessible shower for people with disabilities and it takes a special person to take a good idea an idea that truly makes a significant difference for our san francisco residents and deal with all of the complexities of making it
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happen and because of denise's persistence and skillful guidance lava may has provided over 100 thousand showers since its launch in 2013. it has attracted the attention of the news media who believe in the in the importance of its success and we can help by making contributions or joining the fund raise or on treasure island. i'd like to commend you of meeting a basic need of san francisco's population with a simple, effective idea. we're happy to have you as a resident of district five and making sure you bring these showers to the locations where they are most needed for our most vulnerable populations today we honor you as women of
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the year for women's history month in our celebrations of the thank you and congratulations [applause]. >> thank you madam president. it's one thing to have a good idea it's an entirely different thing to bring it to fruition and standing up here with me there's a multitude of people and my tiny staff we're a team of 3. we're small but we're mighty. they are on the streets day after day giving dignity and connecting people with humanity and changing lives. we have an amazing
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advisory committee to help us basically shape this program. if you have ever gone any amount of time without a shower -- you have been sick or you have gone camping, that first shower is transformative. people write a lot about the problem in san francisco but i i can promise you if you are living on the streets you have no desire to conduct your most private functions in public. we hope to bring 3 more showers on line before the end of the year but i would love to fund lava may because we can end homelessness in this city. thank you [applause].
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>> the next to present is supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i would like to call up galina morales.
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>> [applause]. >> for her the struggle for women and poor people is international. she has been fighting much of her life for true democracy both here and in the united states and in in venezuela and encourages people to participant in the decision-making process.
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>> in order to encourage self-determination she works to bring to light the historical reality of oppression and to say it exists but oppression is unveiled when people can take it on and fight for peace and justice turning oppression and victimization and self-determination, people's lives change and she has been a catalyst for change and can be found offering support at actions and events in san francisco, in the bay area and in the international world as well. she has worked with community united against violence since 2006 currently serving as codirector where she supports low income and survivors of abuse and healing
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from trauma and practicing community accountability and under her leadership implemented a groundbreaking new organizational approach and in 2013 she worked closely with my office and the community to help craft and pass the due process for all ordinance to bar collaboration between local law enforcement and the broken federal immigration system. as a fierce advocate she initiated a language model ensuring that all programming and materials are bilingual with services provided by by bilingual bicultural staff and educator with the san francisco aids foundation the ccfccsf
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alliance and the center for political education and with our theme she has also been with over 17 years of experience with theatre and acting. she believes that art is a powerful tool for transformation as we move forward in the fight for racial and economic justice. she has acted in many theatre projects and film projects and in 2009 was part of a film project that won the film festival audience award in in 2009 and the title of that project was lucia which means struggle and lucia took place in el salvador about 2 women in love who chose 2
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different paths of resistance during the civil war in el salvador and has a very strong and loving community around her in san francisco and venezuela and lives in the excel cior neighborhood with her dog. >> thank you all of the members of the board of supervisors for this amazing event. thank you. i was trying to make a speech and i couldn't make it. what am i going to say? there's so many amazing women and people who are doing amazing work in this city there is a lot of violence that
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continues to occur to the most vulnerable communities transgender continues to be the most impacted group in the group in the united states to suffer the most deadly deadly est violence and really asking for all of us to step up and in knowing there's so many important leaders in our communities i just wanted to share that what is the most important for me and what i want to bring to to light and what i think my work supports the collective self-determination being able to have the tool and the tools with our communities so that leadership can really come from the grass roots so that change can come and really we can have power that is shared which to
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me is true democracy participating in in democracy and i want to thank you all again and thank you for learning more and more about the communities that are marginalized and thank thank you for this amazing gift. [applause]. >> congratulations, miss morales now i want to recognize supervisor yee from district 7. >> thank you president breed. okay. today. welcome, erin
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clark. i want to say that erin is a woman that's a giant in d 7 when it comes to children and families there's really no match. i really want to welcome her not only the work she's been doing recently but for 16 years she's been with the stones town ymca she was born in oakland and when she was 3 years old her family moved to shasta county and after graduating high school moved back to the san francisco area to attend san francisco state university so she holds a ba from san francisco state from child and adolescent development and works at at app tos middle
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school where she ran an after school tutorial program and after the program connected with the ymca and because of that at the time she was recruited to work at at the y's after school programming. >> i guess you could see everybody in the community, the ymca recognized her leadership ability and soon after in 2011 became the executive director there. and now after 16 years working with the y, she has become a big part of our community and leader in
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district 7. >> committed to youth development and social responsibility and she loves that the ymca organization is not just local it is international and she can get to work and gets to work with youth from all over the world. under her leadership this is remarkable in terms of what has expanded out there and the the y has expanded programming to ten locations in the community. most recently a new pre-school in a significantly underserved neighborhood. and for many many years she ran the senior center service in district 7 serving 20 thousand seniors that live in district 7 so i want to say that erin is
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really passionate about creating opportunities for all people to meet their true potential and not only does she work in d 7 which is really great but actually lives in district 7. 3
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